Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tree Fellers Wanted.

Richard (of RBB) told me this joke - he said it's okay for him to tell it because he's half Irish.

Two Irishmen are walking down a country road and they see a sign that says, "Tree fellers wanted."
One says to the other, "Tis a pity Sean's not here, we could have gone for that job."

Well, today I did some pruning, which is almost like tree felling.

It was hot work in the 30 degree heat - well it felt like 30 degrees!

The photos don't really show how much work it was. 

Let me tell you, it was bloody hot work!


  1. Has Robert approved of that front yard?

  2. With Robert it's just back yards I think. Sorry to answer for Bin, I was just doing a round of the blogs. Isn't it fun!

  3. The front yard that's not too bad.

    Sounds like Palmerston North.

  4. Well yes it is neat and tidy. But where does he live? He wouldn't be allowed to have that hose in LH!

  5. Bin wake up your name is all over a container at RBB's!