Friday, January 19, 2018

Fill the void 4

Evolution just doesn't measure up.

We did the church clean early this morning. I washed my hands in the holy water font and then sat and read a book while Vehicle finished off. Churches should really put soap by the holy water font for cleaners.
The book is called The Absolute Wrongness Of Evolution and is written by Dr Ivan Plato.

Dr Ivan Plato
Dr Plato is a scientist who has worked at Harvard* and The University Of Fiji. In his book he disproves all atheist scientists and shows, by Erenial Time Measurement, that the world is only 718 years old (exactly). This means that there just hasn't been time for evolution, except maybe among wasps, who evolve fast. Chapter One is titled The Mozart Delusion. Dr Plato shows how music attributed to Mozart was actually written on a super computer in the 1950s. He says that people who thought they were listening to Mozart before the 1950s were actually suffering from very poisonous wasp stings. There's a chapter on J.S.Bach but I haven't read that yet.

Just three more cleans to go then it's off to the Hire Company rehearsal. I'm taking my double bass and I'm going to suggest that I play some Swedish folk songs as the play unfolds. Sort of mood music. Suit says he has written a script for us to work from. I think he'll like my idea about the music.

You can learn a little bit about the Bahrain National Theatre - HERE.

* a society based in Foxton - not the American university

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