Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fill the void 2.

Bit of a quiet afternoon as we have no cleaning jobs booked.
Vehicle is laying on her bed reading the Quran.
Probably best if I go out before she starts quoting stuff.
I'll head down to the Hutt River. Damn I wish I had a dog!

Dogs like walking.
Is that true? Do dogs really like walking?
I wonder if there's anything about that in the Quran?
I know that the Quran seems to approve of dogs, even though they had a reputation among some as being dirty animals.
I wonder what God would call a dog, if he had one?
God and his dog. He'd probably just call him Dog, with a capital 'D'.
Oops, I just stood in a bit of dog shit! Dirty animals!

Early start tomorrow, up at 5am. I bet that lazy jobless bugger The Curmudgeon will still be in bed!

In Bahrain all old people work, unless they're filthy rich.
I like to listen to music while I clean.
Though, to be fair, I've only worked for one day so far. Three houses.
I assume that I'll continue to like to listen to music as I clean.
We've got a church to clean tomorrow. Maybe I'll say some blasphemous things in the church? My sister won't care because it's a Catholic church. The Quran probably doesn't give a shit about what you say in a Catholic church.

We'll see. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. Will you clean those houses and the church naked like Robert does?
    Will you poke around in their drawers and under the bed too?

  2. "I bet that lazy jobless bugger The Curmudgeon will still be in bed!"
    That sounds like something I would say... I'm sure i did!

  3. No. No you didn't. Bin spelled 'Curmudgeon' quite correctly.