Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fill the void 5.


Suit's script had a good story but it was badly written - bad grammar and shocking spelling. He denied this was the case.
I started playing some Swedish folk songs as the rehearsal started.
Suit's drama was a fantasy about a teacher named Bassam who advises a young couple, soon to be married, on how to live a good clean life.
Suit, as well as directing, had taken the part of Bassam - the lead character and the hero of the play.
Digger was cast as Hameed and Vehicle as Jawaher, which made sense because Jawaher was the only woman character. The Bassam character had most of the dialogue.
After a short while Suit stopped the rehearsal and said that Swedish folk music was not appropriate for a drama set in Bahrain. I told him I wasn't going to play whiny Bahrain traditional music and packed up my bass.
Digger said that my playing sounded nice, but I was too pissed off at this point to listen. Vehicle tried to calm me down too. As they practised the second scene, and their attention was diverted, I slipped out with my bass.

I'm actually bloody pleased to be out of it. I'll see Vehicle tomorrow when we clean the church after the morning services - those Catholics are a dirty lot! Vehicle will probably try to talk me into coming back, but I won't.

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