Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fill the void 1.

"Fill the void" is a series of posts designed to 'fill the void' until Robert comes back.

A busy day on the road today.
I'm working with my sister Vehicle. Her name is an English translation of her original name in Bahrain.

That's my sister Vehicle Hire on the left.

We did three cleans in Newtown today. Gosh people are the same. The first house we went to had a Goldie painting and so did the second. The third was owned by a retired brain surgeon who was a really nice guy and asked me a question when I said I used to be a Science teacher.
"Why did you give up Science teaching?" he asked this morning.
I told him I needed a change and that I liked working with my sister. He paid me an extra $10 for the clean.

As we drive my sister likes to quote from the Quran (it's our first day but I guess this is how it will continue). I put my headphones on when it gets too much and listen to double bass music.
Today she quoted Quran 3:19; "The Imrans"
She said, "The only true faith in God's sight is Islam."
I thought of Robert. If Vehicle is right, Robert must be wrong.

I'll do some double bass practice when we get back home. My sister is living with me while she waits for an arranged marriage. I'm an atheist and don't have a wife or a girlfriend.
I don't know if Atheists can get arranged marriages in this country.
I wish I had a dog to walk down by the Hutt River.


  1. Of course just silly nonsense ...but maybe post two???

  2. "Of course just silly nonsense ...but maybe post two???"

    Welcome back Robert. You should take up Tweeting. You could give Donald Trump a run for his money (not as much as he claims to have) for incomprehensible statements.