Monday, September 25, 2017

Who is the best god?

I know a guy called Robert who would probably say, "The one true God."
Why doesn't everyone believe in the same god?

Which of these pictures best represents 'god' to you?

Spell it out.
The kindly father who smokes too much.
Woman god with cow.
God who works out.
The Holy Trinity.
Boss God.
Okay, there are many more gods but this will give you an idea of how many you have to choose from. Or not.


  1. I could strike you down for this, but no one reads this silly blog anyway.

  2. The real question Bin is why do people feel a need to believe in a God.
    I had an oppurtunity to visit a couple last saturday. On the wall was a cupboard with a shrine to a woman with four arms.
    I closed the doors for health and safety reasons ie my head.
    I , of course, didn't comment but maybe if I'd had the courage to explain that there really is a real God they might be happier people today.

  3. I've left some words of advice on my blog for how to behave while Richard (of RBB) is away.

  4. I prefer the top one. He/she looks more amenable