Saturday, September 16, 2017

Gloves and when to wear them.

Things you need to understand about gloves:
  • They can keep your hands warm
  • They keep your hands clean
  • They can protect your hands
  • They can be worn as a fashion statement.
Protection and warmth


Protection and keeping hands clean


However, there are times when gloves are not a good option:
  • When going to the toilet (unless they are rubber gloves)
  • When playing the violin
  • When making love (especially not rubber gloves)
  • When threading a needle
  • When changing strings on a violin
  • Then cleaning your teeth
  • When eating fish and chips (with your hands).
It's fair to say that rubber gloves function differently than most other gloves.

That just about covers gloves and when to use them.


  1. OK, file this under WEIRD.
    I initially thought that it was just filler but then it became disturbingly intimate.

    Maybe it was better that the 'alter-egos' remained buried.