Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Back from Bahrain.

I've just been taking a break, back in Bahrain, catching up with the wider family when Richard (of RBB) rang.

Doha - always good to visit.
He said that there had been a lot of demand for me to get my blog running again. He even offered to fly me back, which was very nice of him.
So, here I am, back in Lower Hutt and writing.

I didn't have a bass to play back home but I did fool around on a few local instruments.

And here I am at a local jam.

That's me on trombone marching from left to right.
Jamming is a bit different in Bahrain. People like to dress up and move around.
Well, I might leave it there for today because I'm feeling a bit jet lagged.
It feels a little strange to be talking English again. Thanks again Richard (of RBB) and let's hope that RBB2 & RBB3 get underway again soon as well.


  1. You're welcome Bin. Great to see you back and a good opening post (for someone with jet lag. Yes, it is certainly our plan to get RBB2 & RBB3 up and running again. We're interviewing potential new staff this week, as a matter of fact. It'll be great to see all the old bass bagging sites up and running again.

  2. I watched Border Patrol last night on TV One on demand and didn't see Bin there. How the hell did you get back in the country?

  3. The word, Curmudgeon, the word! As John said, it all begins with the microsoft word!Praise me!