Monday, October 9, 2017

A 3rd Testament?

It wasn't long ago that Angry Jesus was talking about a 3rd testicle.


Now it's a 3rd Testament - an addition to The Bible.
Well this Crisp guy seems excited about the new book plan.

Maybe it needs a better name that THE THIRD TESTAMENT?
The bible writers should have thought about a trilogy before they settled on the titles Old and New.
Drum kits that have three tom toms sometimes call the small tom, medium tom and floor tom.

Would this new testament be like the small tom or the floor tom?
It might depend on whether or not it outweighed the other two on wisdon, on not.

If it turns out to be the best testament (so far), I like the name


The three legs each represent one
member of the Holy Trinity.


  1. Don't be naive Bin.
    This Gang has experience in doing things in threes.
    It'll likely be named The Trinty Testament

  2. I see that AG is going back to the Old Testament.

  3. So much for this blog being up to the minute.
    I'd bin it if I were you.