Monday, December 11, 2017

A man needs his helicopter.

Some rich guy in Herne Bay, Auckland, is upset because the local council will only let him take off from his helecopter pad three times a week. The is evidently because of the noise it creates for neighbours. The poor fellow says that, among other things, he needs the helicopter to get to golf.

Poor chap!

I heard this on the radio today as I was driving to visit an old friend who is terminally ill. 
Maybe the guy can't afford a car because he spent all his money on a helecopter?

Or maybe he's just a spoilt twat?


  1. Yes, I ranted at the radio when I heard this. How much more do these rich bastards want? They've got millions and can get priority taxi service to the airport (or in the case of his fucking helicopter just down to the wharf area where there is a helicopter landing place) yet still want to land in their own backyard thus upsetting all of their neighbours. Helicopters are hellishly noisy. Fuck them!

  2. Please watch your language when enjoying Bass Bagging Confederation posts.